Asian or Ethnic Hair?

Every client has a History, story and was given a certain Hair type through no fault of  their own, genetically.  Kathleen was trained by some of the best in San Diego, and learned about non-caucasian hair.  Boulder, Colorado did not have any cultural diversity in the 90’s, and fortunately, Kathleen’s training at Emily Griffith Opportunity School in Denver included some training in Black, or “Ebony”Hair.  Thus began Kathleen’s desire to always learn and seek extra training in an ever changing and exciting field and life-long career; at Hair by Kathleen.

New Hair Styling Space in Boulder, CO!

Hair by Kathleen has moved to our new hair space, come and check us out and get pampered! We’ve added a slew of services and we’re excited to offer them to you.

Hair by Kathleen is located at:

Phenix Salon Suites.
4800 Baseline, Suite 107
Boulder, CO 80303  (SE corner of Baseline and Foothills Hwy).

Hair by Kathleen started in 2012 in Encinitas, California.  Kathleen Scaer, the owner started her career doing hair cuts in the dorms in Durango, Colorado in 1983.  Perms were popular back then, so Kathleen gave perms to women and men who wanted a mullet.  That was an odd era; but the long hair for men post 80’s era was what men wanted.  Kathleen became licensed in 1992, and the rest as they say is History, at Hair by Kathleen.

The photo below is a dream come true for her; in a solo space that is private, quiet and drama, and chemical-free. Opened officially in January 2018.  Hair by Kathleen rocks!!